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Gilani Sumida-Moiseff is a filmmaker from Aina Haina, Hawaii. Her first award-winning short film, ‘The Champions,’ has made its worldwide tour and now has distribution online with Viki, IndieFlix (Hulu+), and Pacific Voice (territory of Japan).


Gilani has worked on tv, film, commercial, and music video productions in the United States, Southeast Asia, and the United Kingdom. She has a Bachelor’s from Carnegie Mellon University in Screenwriting and Directing, and a Master of Fine Arts from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts.


Her latest project is ALOHA UNDERTAKERS, a comedy web series set in Hawaii, which follows the adventures of a ragtag team of Undertakers, a disgruntled male nurse, and his calculating mental patient.


She is currently based out of New York City and works in Locations (NY Teamsters 817.)

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